I’m an Open Book

I am the person that you don’t  want to ask, “How are you today?” Before the conversation is
over, I will be laying on your couch telling you my life story. I can’t help it. It just spews out. I am
a volcano of information. I believe that it is caused by undiagnosed ADHD. As a matter of fact I
was just at the doctors last week and I brought up the subject of ADHD. I told her my concerns.
She asked some questions then turned to my husband and asked him if I snore. He said I did.
WHAT? I DO NOT SNORE. Well maybe I do. I do remember waking up to the sound of snorting
and realizing it is me. Is this a sign of ADHD? I will have to Google this. By the time I left it was
decided that I would have some testing for Sleep Apnea.
I usually put off going to the doctor until I have at least three things wrong with me. As I get older
the visits are closer together. I live in a town that has a revolving door of doctors so I usually only
see the same one a few times before they move on to greener pastures. Judging by the number of
people in the waiting, it looks  pretty green to me. We also just lost our hospital. They also moved
on to greener pastures.
When my kids were little they were embarrassed that I would randomly talk to just anyone.
(For the record, you probably don’t want to sit by me on a plane either.) I remember being
somewhere with my older son. He was around four. I struck up a conversation with a man.
After the man walked off, my son looked up at me:
Him: Did you know him?
Me : No
Him: Was he as stranger?
Me: Yes
Parenting 101: Never talk to strangers.  SCORE
Parenting 101: Practice what you preach. FAIL

6 thoughts on “I’m an Open Book

  1. Paula…..love your blog! I’m sitting here all alone, laughing out loud, and my dog just raised her head, gave me that “have you lost your mind?” look and left the room!! Always have loved your sense of humor and just realized how much I have missed it! Keep it coming!!! Blessings!!! Lorrie

    PS….can’t wait for the funeral home stories to emerge!!! 😂

    1. Thanks so much Lorrie! I appreciate your comments and of course taking the time to read my blog. There will be some hometown stories in the near future. Stay tuned.

      1. OK i have never read nor replied to a blog before you. But damn you make me laugh Paula! Thank you! Life sucks a lot quite often, but you keep it bearable!! Thanks!!!

        1. I was just texting you when I logged on here. I am so happy you like it. Keep your red pen handy and let me know if you find any mistakes.

  2. You did a great job mom. I love this and you should write a book. I love you keep up the good work.

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