The Remodel II


This is the color of my wall. I really don’t like it. I need help people!  I am thinking of using a feather duster to add lighter colors. What colors should I use or does anyone have a better idea or technique? I did get the nasty carpet pulled up and am trying to come up with a cheap floor covering. Again, any ideas?floor-2I had asked my boys to help me  pull up the carpet but they were busy. Keep in mind that I never do any of this myself. I start the project and then when they come to help I mysterious disappear until they are done. They are on to me.

I decided to pull the carpet myself. How hard could it be, right? I had about a foot pulled up when I encountered my first problem. I needed to cut the carpet at the closet. I asked my son if we had a box knife. Look in the toolbox, he says. I do know where the tool box is but no knife to be found. After looking around I finally came up with something. As I started cutting, which was easy peesy, the handle broke off. Well  crap! How am I going to explain this ? I contemplated hiding it but my son had, come back inside and had seen it. He would either tell his dad or use it to blackmail me, so I decided to come clean and tell my husband that I  broke his knife thingy.


My husband didn’t seem to upset because he didn’t swear when he saw it. He made himself scarce when he saw what I was doing. My son wasn’t quick enough. He and his friends were elected to help me finish the carpet. We got it pulled up and they hauled it outside.

I want to do a beach theme in this room. When I went to hobby lobby a week ago with my mom, we were looking at beachy things. We saw a couple cute things but I have this thing about bringing anything else home that has to be dusted. So really maybe a cute lamp and some things for the wall. Pinterest here I come.

6 thoughts on “The Remodel II

  1. even tho that is quite bright , it is a good base for beach theme, . our bedroom is kindof a funky color too, but it is goof for accenting with sand colors , ect. im not real crafty so no answers on the wll, but i like the sound of the feather duster – sponge is too old school haha. i like how you volunteer the boys, good job mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and hubby simply exiting , lol . keep us posted as yuo go 🙂 hugs

    1. Thanks Holly! I need to add that Cliff did a lot of the work on the room and the living room which is a whole story by itself. That particular day he wasn’t feeling well and was smart enough to stay out of my sight.

  2. Let me know how it turns out, Paula! Looks like it’s gonna be quite a bit of work …. good thing I’m not doing it! Btw, choose ‘relaxing’ colours (don’t ask me what colors) so you’ll feel you’re really at the beach then!

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