Things That Make Me Cringe


Things That Make Me Cringe


I go crazy when I hear someone mispronounce a word. I think it goes back to a certain first grade teacher, who would pound on her bell and yell, “PRONUNCIATE!”  I have started a list. Ready? Here we go.

Wash does not have an r it. If you say worsh, chances are I will correct you.

Ask, not ax. Please do not ax your mother.

Bush, not boosh. Another word I must correct.

Naked, not nekked. Nekked can only be used if you are drinking.

Okra, not okrie. If you ever worked in a Garden Center, you know who these people are.

Prescription and Subscription or not interchangeable.

Be specific not Pacific. Pacific is an ocean.

Poplar. We have a street in our town called Poplar. It is named for a Poplar tree but what do many call it? Popular. Uggg


Here are some random things that basically just piss me off:

I am in a store. It is chilly. Here comes a mother and child. The mother has a coat on, the child does not. The child is also barefoot. Needless to say the child has a rather disgusting snotty nose.

People in a store with their child in a cart. The child is about to fall out of the cart. The parent is oblivious because they are on their phone.

People that come in the store I work at (this has been at previous jobs also), they ask me a question and while I am answering them their phone rings. I can understand it if the doctor’s office or it’s something really important. One man had a ten minute conversation with his wife about what vegetable they should have for supper. I now know that he doesn’t like broccoli.

People that think other people want to hear their phone conversation, so they talk really, really loud.

Nose hair and ear hair. Enough said!

When you see a man with an ugly sweater on. You then realize that it isn’t a sweater. He has no shirt on.

Rude cashiers.

Please that pay with damp money. Especially if they pulled it out of their bra.

I’m sure there are more that I will remember after I post this. Count on a sequel at a later date. What makes you cringe?

























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  1. “Hole-Hartedly” agree… Sorry, I couldn’t resist! My spell-checker is freaking out! But, on a similar note… sorta… I worked in a consignment store in Iowa City and one Saturday this very old, sweet lady came in, approached the counter and said, “I’m looking for books about crocheting Africans”. Now, you can imagine the look on my face and it took all my strength to not laugh-out-loud, while my co-workers were about to pee their pants. I looked at her and said, “Do you mean you want books on crocheting Afghans?” Needless to say, after she left the store, we did joke about how one might go about crocheting an African.

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