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The word of the day is asshat. An asshat is someone who does something inconsiderate, such as using my car at night after I have gone to bed and bringing back with absolutely no gas in it, knowing that I have to be up at dark-thirty. They also know that I would oversleep and have to rush around to get to work on time, thus not allowing time to stop for gas.

An asshat comes in all shapes and sizes, can be male or female (usually male)and can be any race. Another annoying habit of the asshat, is not putting out a new roll of toilet paper when they use the end of a roll, knowing well and good that the fresh supply is out of reach if you are in a sitting position.  The said asshat is not too proud to shout (or text) from the bathroom that he/he needs a roll of toilet paper. An asshat doesn’t refill ice-cube trays. They put the milk back in the refrigerator with a drop left in it. They are very sneaky. After they eat all the ice cream except one spoonful, they put it back in the freezer.
On my way home from work a woman pulled out in front of me without looking. That my friends, is a female asshat. This particular asshat then continued to drive in both lane. After she picked a lane I buzzed around her preparing to flip her the International Sign of Friendship , but then I remembered, I am an adult.

6 thoughts on “The Word of the Day

  1. good one ‘sister’, haha, you know paula better then most , haha. every house has an asshat ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ no one here knows how to drive a stick, so i dont have that prob, and i solved the tp prob , by ‘me’ replacing it when it is getting low , and using the ‘almost gone’ ones for in my car, at my desk , bedside stand , ect , so no one around here even knows what its like to run out of tp …. spoiled brats, haha.

    1. I have told the kids for years, “Don’t run all my gas out.” The other day I was borrowing my youngest son’s car and he said to me,
      “Don’t run all my gas out.” A proud mom moment when you realize he had been listening.

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