I don’t want to get into a political discussion because it just becomes hurtful and this is my happy place (usually). With that being said, Wednesday morning Facebook was blowing up with feelings, happy, sad, pissed, confused. I decided to avoid it for most of the day.  However, I did check my sister’s FB. She had posted a couple of jokes trying to lighten things up a bit. To my surprise one of her friends posted, “When will you shut up?” I immediately texted my sister and asked permission to put that woman on blast. She told me to let it go. How can I let it go? This is my sister. If anyone is going to tell her to shut up it should be me. That is my job.


So I keep my big mouth shut (or my fingers in this case). Later I get back on FB and notice that my “other sister” has put the woman in her place. I know what you are thinking, Paula, you only have one sister. Yes this is true. My “other sister” became our sister many years ago. I met her some thirty years ago when she came to work at the family business. On a daily basis people would ask us if we were sisters. We both had the same hair style, had glasses and wore the same clothing (jeans and t-shirts with the company logo). We would also take turns being pregnant. Finally after a few years of telling people, no we are not sister, we gave in and said yes we are. It became a running joke in our family if you wanted to know what was going on, “Ask Sharon!”, we would say. Because she was there on a daily basis and was a friend, she knew what was going on in the family.


When I was a child I had blond hair and blue eyes. The rest of the family had dark hair and my mom and sister had brown eyes. My sister would taunt me and tell me I was adopted. She would make me cry. I didn’t know what adopted was at that time but the way she said it, it had to have been horrible.  Now don’t feel sorry for me because I did get her back and was rather mean to her, according to one of our childhood friends.  She’s my Beezus to my Ramona. Always the good girl. I always thought she was a goody two shoes when we were in high school. Seems she was just sneakier than I was and never got caught. It must have been good for her having me for a sister. Took the target off of her.


To our sister Sharon, thanks for having our back!!!

To my sister Beezus, I want to be the first one to wish you Happy Birthday!

Love you both!

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  1. Oh.. I thought the last blog message was so sad and I wanted to cry .Sisters blog made me want to cry more. How sweet it must be to have a sister. Lucky gals.

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