It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas


This year I am one of those people I normally find annoying. It is four days until Thanksgiving and I have already finished my Christmas shopping. (Ninety percent wrapped.) I can hear the boos and hisses folks, give it a rest. I have a really good excuse for my early shopping. This year I am going to be laid off from my full-time job in exactly ten days, ten hours and thirty-six minutes. Not that I am counting.

I am so ready for layoff time. Last year I spent most of the time with hubby while he was hospitalized twice and back and forth to doctor appointments. This year I have some small medical issues to deal with and hope to have carpal tunnel surgery as well. I also hope to finish painting the living-room that we started months ago. I can feel my sons eyes rolling as I type. He will say, “You are going to paint? You always start these projects and by start I mean you go buy the paint. Then when it is actually time to paint you have a hair appointment or you have to run to the store real quick. Great excuse to have the surgery so you can’t use your hands.”

Speaking of carpal tunnel, recently I was waiting on a customer and was struggling to ring up his items. The conversation went like this.
Me: I’m sorry, my hands are really bothering me today.
Him: Do you have carpal tunnel?
Me: Yes, and it’s gotten much worse. I guess it’s time to have something done with it.
Him: I had mine done years ago. (He starts flexing his hands.)
Me: I asked the Doctor to do one of mine when I had my knee done. I’m sure glad he didn’t because I had a hard enough time with my knee.
Him: I had a friend that had both hands done at the same time. Boy, I felt sorry for him.
Me: Was he married?
Him Yes, he is married.
Me: I feel sorry  for her,
Him: (Laughing) Yeah. Poor woman.

Ladies, know how pitiful a man is when they are sick. Just think if the can’t use his hands. You would have to do everything for him. I mean EVERYTHING!

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