Knot Four The Lite Harted



I fined the English language vary difficult. Sometimes the things eye reed do not make since. Sew I just try two do mi best. If ewe are a teacher, I bet ewe arr ready to beet the screen wright now. Bee calm. This is just a test too sea if you can reed the hole thing without going to crazy. As Lovey Howell (Gilligan’s Island) wood say, “They’re their deer.”

This post is dedicated to my aunt, my sister and my high school English teacher.

10 thoughts on “Knot Four The Lite Harted

  1. I understand that back when printing presses were first invented printers would change the spellings of words whenever they needed more or less letters to make a line go all the way to the edge of the page.
    I bet they sometimes ran out of letters too. Maybe that’s why we spell “quick” with a Q instead of a couple of K’s.

    1. Very interesting. Funny how they could just change the spelling to fit. Can you imagine the social media uproar now days if that happened?

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