A Hunting I Won’t Go


Hunting season is upon us again. I am not a hunter nor do I enjoy eating anything that is hunted. Meat comes from the grocery store. End of discussion. My youngest son is a hunter and a fisherman. Is fish meat? I can eat the hell outta some fish.


I remember the first time my son, J, shot a deer. He was so excited. He was at a friend’s that lives on some acreage. He must have been about sixteen at the time. He would spend the whole weekend at his friends and hunt. When he called to tell me he got a deer, he also asked if I could call and find someone with a truck to help him. He called me back minutes later to say never mind but could I come and get him.


I went to pick him up in my minivan. I was playing on my phone waiting for him and his friend to come out. I wasn’t paying attention but he opened the back of the van and I was assuming he was putting his backpack and guns in the back.  They got in and I drove off. As we were nearing town I looked in my rear view mirror. WTH? I saw four furry legs sticking up in the back. I pulled over to take a closer look. “J, why is there a dead deer in the back of my van?” I believe I screamed. “I need to take it home. I washed him so he doesn’t stink”, was his answer. I did notice the smell was not coming from the deer but from him and his friend.


The moral of this story is pay more attention to your children or they may put something dead in your car.

10 thoughts on “A Hunting I Won’t Go

  1. I’m with you. I’ve only hunted and killed one thing. My ex talked me into going rabbit hunting with him when I was about 19. I shot a rabbit and when I walked up to it I started crying. All I could think of was that his rabbit family would be waiting for him to come home and I KILLED HIM. My ex laughed at me and told me how ridiculous I was but I felt awful! Never been hunting since.

    1. I also went rabbit hunting once. I refused to shoot one because rabbits are just cute. I’m with you, I would feel guilty about the family at home waiting for him. I picture the family, living in a tree trunk, sitting on their little furniture watching television.

  2. i found something in the back of my suv one day . i got off work around 1, ran to the grocery store , went to load that handful of bags i had into the back and there was my 16 yr old son, curled up and ditching school , haha. he was hoping i wouldnt notice till i got home, but wasnt worth it to take him back to school at that point, little shit

    1. That would be a shock to find someone in the back of your car. Glad it was your son. These kids think they are so smart. Usually they are.

  3. I am not one for hunting either! Though it would have been a surprise if I had not ended up in a ditch when I saw a deer at the back of my car. Lovely story with an all important lesson.
    The last sentence looks incomplete…not sure if it is intentional or not.x

  4. Thanks again, Deb. Also thanks for the correction. I get so excited to post that sometimes I miss things.

  5. Omg this has caused me to remember the time I had to go help HIM out. He had hit a small deer. It was in the back of the truck bed and the Sheriff thought I was weird because I asked him to pose for a picture with the dead deer. SW Ohio life!!!

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