Soap Operas, An End of An Era


I grew up watching soaps. My mom watched the ABC “stories”, Ryan’s Hope, The Edge of Night, Loving, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. Of the six only General Hospital remains. I remember faking sickness so I could stay home from school to watch Luke and Laura get married. I would go home for lunch from my Senior year in high school to watch what Erica Kane was up to on, All My Children. My dad would join me and soon he was hooked. He especially liked Billy Clyde Tuggle. I called in sick to work on the last episode of Edge of Night. A couple years later something wonderful happened. I bought my first VCR. I could watch my soaps without missing work. The problem with that was I could record all of my soaps. I then had to find time to watch them.


I remember when I was very young, probably kindergarten being at a babysitter’s house and hearing the theme to of Days of Our Lives. If I drive by that house, I hear the voice of Macdonald Carey say,“Like sands through the hour glass, so are the Days of Our Lives” in my head. I also remember visiting an elderly friend with my mother and she was watching Guiding Light. When I think of her I picture the episode that was playing that day.


Over the years I tuned into other channels. I think I have watched all of them at one time of another. There was once a channel called, Soap Opera Network. It showed some of the daytime stories that had been canceled. Just when you were really into one, they would stop showing it.


My kids were all named after soap opera characters. It’s not that I was that addicted to soaps, (actually I was and still am) these have the coolest names. When Santa Barbara was in it’s height of popularity, many parents started naming their daughters, Laken or Eden. They also have some of the oddest names. I cringed when Kendall, on All My Children Kendall named her son, Spike.


Another World was the first long time soap I watched that was canceled. Followed by Guiding Light, As the World Turns, All My Children and One Live to Live. It is the end of an era. Do you have a favorite show or memory of one?

10 thoughts on “Soap Operas, An End of An Era

  1. My friend Pam would come to my apartment at lunch time to watch soaps instead of going to class. She didn’t do so well in that class.

  2. Never watched them but I have an aunt that told me several years ago that her doctor told her to quit watching them because she was worrying about some of the people’s problems that she wasn’t sleeping nights and it was affecting her health!!!

  3. My Grandma Brooks was the salt of the earth, kind, loving, selfless, the original minimalist. BUT there would be no tolerance to any interuptions when her “show” was on ” Guiding Light “. My Mother had equal passion for “As the World Turns “. Those soaps taught me to be quiet, and provided me with a wide range of adult situations to increase my big imagination.

    1. I guess some of it can be very educational if your a child. Maybe not the education that the parents had hoped for. As for sitting still and being quiet, you know that is something I have always struggled with.

  4. i grew up without a tv, but i remember staying with my gramma when i was sick once in a while and she watched soaps …… too young to know which ones, or how many .
    when i had the girls and was a young housewife , i started watching ‘ as the world turns’ , got addicted . but cut myself off when i realized that was the first thing i talked to my husband about when he got home….. about what was going on with betsy and steve – sad i still remember the names after years – so that was one addiction i nipped in the bud, lol

  5. I watched As the World Turns for many years but didn’t start watching it until after the Steve and Betsy era.

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