Slip Sliding Away


This morning when I went to work in 1 degree weather, I was reminded how much I hate winter. I was a mere half a dozen blocks from my house when I realized my left butt cheek was numb. To all the people who have heated car seats, I envy you. Stupid leather seats! I would ask Santa for some seat covers if I thought my mouth hadn’t gotten me on the naughty list.


As the stoplight turned green, my tires spun on the ice. I have four wheel drive but I have yet to use it. Every winter my son and hubby go over the instructions with me. Since my memory is full of lyrics from the 70’s, I remember all most of the words to, ‘Schemer-Dreamer’ by Steve Walsh, but I don’t tend to recall what they told me.


Luckily I didn’t need to. As I slid around the corner I remembered when the kids were little and I refused to drive on ice. Hubby always drove and thought it was so funny to fishtail on ice. The kids loved it, me not so much. On one occasion my son’s friend was with us. He totally freaked out when the fishtailing began. I told hubby to stop because now I was freaking out too. My kids were having the time of their lives. You would of thought they were at Disneyland. I got hubby to stop the van and I walked home with the friend.  Needless to say, I soon learned to drive myself on ice.

2 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away

  1. I like winter for about 2 weeks. Why do you think I’m in Arizona until March?😄 I don’t know how many times I have driven in snow and ice. And too many times in white-out situations. Every time that happens I swear I won’t do it again. A couple of times I couldn’t see the edge of the highway, it was all just one smooth area of snow. Scary! But sometimes you just get caught in those situations.

  2. I think you have the right idea of going to Arizona in the winter. I’m at the age now that I keep thinking I am going to slip on the ice and break my hip. Good thing I have a lot of padding.

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