While I Was Gone…

I haven’t posted on my blog for a while. Four days after Christmas I had surgery. (Robotic Hysterectomy)  My thinking was, while in the hospital I would catch up on my writing. I took two books hoping I would finish the first and start  the second. Before leaving for the hospital I had a horrible realization, what if I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things. Maybe I will be in PAIN!

Well this changes everything. Maybe I don’t need this surgery. Maybe I can put it off. Surely the doctor won’t mind me screwing up his schedule. My boss won’t mind if I worked the days I asked off. Ok, Paula, get a grip. You have been through surgery before and you were fine.  On the 29th of December, we headed to the hospital.

I had opted to stay the night. I live over an hour away from the hospital. (Our hospital had closed over a year ago.)  I don’t remember anything after I entered the operating room (Thank God). I  vaguely remember coming to my room, where my family was waiting for me.  After a while I was left to rest.  I napped off and on, then after some time I was able to get up and walk around.

Mid-afternoon the nurse came in to check on me, I told her I was getting hungry. She handed me a menu, showed me a number to call and said I can order anytime before 8 pm. Hot damn! Room service. I was a little shocked to see the menu had no prices.
I ordered a late lunch and then later an evening meal. I was shocked to see my cousin’s son deliver my supper. I knew he worked in the hospital. The way his proud grandparents had told it, I thought he might have worked in the operating room.  It was good to see him. He is a good young man. We had a nice little chat and then he was back to work.
I was released the next day. I went home and immediately took up residence on the couch. Feeling pretty good unless I had to bend at the waist. The next day was a blur. I took my pain pills every four hours as directed. I’m not big on pain and didn’t want it sneaky up on me. The next day I weaned myself off the medicine. I don’t like being in a fog worse than I like being in pain.
I went to the doctor the next week and was released to go back to work. I had pushed the doctor for the release since I would only be working three hours a day. Then I got to thinking. SHIT, now I have to go back to work. Paula, you dummy.
I had gone to the daycare a few days before I went to the doctor to say hi and pick up my check. I went into the school age classroom and was bombarded by children running toward me to give me hugs. Their teacher called out, Don’t squeeze Miss Paula’s tummy. One of the little girls, annouced to the other kids, “Miss Paula is going to have a baby!” Not quite, honey. Not quite.

6 thoughts on “While I Was Gone…

    1. Thanks Julia! Yes I am so much better. I don’t think I can use the, “I just had surgery” line anymore.

  1. ah hell paula, milk it for one more week , hshs. funny kid ….. im premenopausal [all that means is that ive gone from setting the clocks by my period, to never having a clue when and if one is going to drop by …. KINDA a pain , haha ]. glad it was uneventful and that recover has been good for you …. tho we missed you :]

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