The 70’s Collection: I Like Candy!






Growing up in the 70’s, one of my favorite memories is walking to the little neighborhood store. As I remember it, they had rows and rows of candy. It took so much time to choose what I wanted. One day, I had a dollar. I bought four candy bars and went home and ate all of them. (Yes, young people back in the olden days they were a quarter each.) I got pretty sick but do you think I learned anything from that? Of course not. They had some other tasty treats as well.


In the summer I loved going to the swimming pool. (Back when they were swimming pools and not water parks.) They had the best candy at their concession stand. Other kids would stand there forever trying to make up their minds. Not me, I knew exactly what I wanted.

My favorites were the long flat taffy wrapped in wax paper and slapstix, which was carmel on a stick. (Back when it was carmel not caramel.)

I loved going to the pool, except for one thing. There was an older kid that liked to dunk me. If I saw him coming I would quickly get out of the pool. Most times he was like a ninja and appear out of nowhere.

Growing up in a small town in the 70’s, my sister and I could walk or ride our bikes all over town. We never worried about strangers, even though we were taught not to get into a car with someone we didn’t know.  One day I was walking to the pool. I was almost there when a beat up car pulled up next to me and a man asked me if I wanted a ride. I told him no, I was almost there. He kept trying to convince me to get in. I remember looking straight ahead and ignoring him. When I went home after the pool closed, (because we stayed from opening to closing)  I told my parents. My dad notified the police and found that the same car had tried to run the driver’s ed car off the road. This was probably one of the most memorable times that I obeyed my parents.

Share your memories as a child. Did you have a favorite candy?


12 thoughts on “The 70’s Collection: I Like Candy!

  1. we had penny candy, i remember rootbeer barrels , ill have to ask my sis’s what they remember . i remember trying to get a dozen eggs back to my mom from this tiny store, was so afraid i would break them , haha, what was she thinking senbding me for eggs, i probably got some penny candy that day too

  2. Just the regular: Snickers, Butterfingers, Hershey bars and Cherry Mash (I can’t eat Cherry Mash anymore, it’s too sickening sweet). I also ate Boston Baked Beans. And I Love licorice, there was a licorice gum that I loved to chew and also Beechnut gum.

  3. I remember when my daughter was little and she got a cherry mash while trick or treating. After she went to bed, my husband and I were looting her candy bag. We almost came to blows over that cherry mash.

  4. I’m very envious that you could ride your bike all over town. I grew up in a suburb and while there were woods we could escape to the nearest place to buy candy was well out of walking distance.
    My favorite candy would be one I’ve only had once: a Neapolitan coconut bar.
    It’s special to me because the first time I was taken to the movies I got to pick out one item of candy, and that’s what I got. The movie was “One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing” and if you’ve never heard of it that’s just as well.
    There’s a chain of stores called “Rocket Fizz” that sells unusual and old-time candies and there happens to be one near me. I should drop in sometime and see if they have those coconut bars.

    1. Thanks for sharing your memory. I don’t enjoy coconut so I have never tried the Neapolitan. I do remember it. That is cool you remember your first movie. The theater in our little town was owned by an older couple. I remember they showed quite a few movies that had already been on tv for years. That being said, my first movie was probably Ma and Pa Kettle on the Farm. Which, I might point out was released thirteen years before I was even born.

  5. I’m not a candy person most of the time, but there are some I love — cherry cordials and orange slices. When I was a kid, I’m pretty sure I liked everything much, much more!

  6. Anything chocolate!! My teeth are going to fall out because of all the chocolate I eat. I’m too young to remember any of those old candies. Mostly just bazooka bubble gum and the gum where you could put the wrapper on your tongue and supposedly get a tattoo from it…not sure it ever did anything besides leave a colored blob on it lol

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