The 70’s Collection: In the City



Like I have said before, I grew up in a small town in the 70’s. On occasion, we would load up in the car, my sister, who I referred to as Beezus, mom, dad and me and off we would go to the city. (Windows up, sitting in a haze of cigarette smoke.)  Just driving into the city was a treat. There were new places to see each time we were there. McDonald’s was so cool back then. I’m sure we begged to go there every time.


We always went to the mall. My favorite places were, Spencer’s Gifts, Hickory Farms, LeMans Speedway, Musicland and  Furr’s Cafeteria. I remember one time in Spencer’s Gifts, I found a cute t-shirt I wanted my dad to buy me. I was probably 9 or 10 at the time. The t-shirt had a cute little baby chick hatching out of an egg. My sister came up and told my dad NOT to buy it for me. She being OLDER and much wiser, explained to my dad what the t-shirt that said, “I’ve just been laid”, meant. I’m pretty sure my dad turned ten shades of red hearing this from his thirteen year old.

In Hickory Farms I always bought the little people made of maple sugar. (I think it was maple sugar.) I can’t really remember but I think they were shaped like a farmer and his wife. I do know that they were tasty.  LeMans Speedway was a huge game room. As I got older I enjoyed it more because there were always  cute guys.


The Orange Julius stand was a must and the cookie store always lured me in. We would go to Furr’s Cafeteria on occasion. I always wanted two or three desserts. (Are we seeing a pattern here?) The chicken was good too.  Of course we had to go to the record store before we left the mall.


One time we had a real treat and went to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. For some reason the people that worked there reminded me of the movie, Mary Poppins. Farrell’s had huge portions of ice cream. They had something called, the Pig Trough. If you ordered it they but on a show, sure to embarrass the recipient.


When we would go to Pier 1, I always got the candy wrapped in seaweed. You put the whole thing in your mouth and the seaweed would melt. (Yes, more candy.)Sometimes we would stay at our cousins’ and sometimes we would just drive home. It was always a goodtime. Those were some of my happiest times. Spending time with my family.



4 thoughts on “The 70’s Collection: In the City

  1. Those are some lovely memories and remind me of my own times at the mall. Sadly all three of the malls I went to most often are now gone. The last one shut down for good just a few years ago.
    It was the one that had a Sears store. The store’s name was on an outside wall in huge letters. Once the first “S” fell off and for a long time the word EARS was up there in big red letters.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Christopher. I bet it was comical to see the word EARS on the side of a store. I hate change. So many things have closed in the last few years. The internet has really hurt many businesses.

  2. we were raised in a small town, and i dont remember ever going to the city for a day or weekend outing. that was alot of sugar paula, how did your parents keep you from bouncing off the windows on the way home? or did you girls just go into a sugar coma and sleep all the way home, haha. hugs

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