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My Exciting Life


I went back to my full-time job after being off since the end of November. As usual nothing got done that I had on my list except two surgeries in December. My list included:

1.Go through my clothes and get out my winter clothes. Never mind it is almost Spring now.

2.Deep clean. What’s the point, it will just get dirty again.

3. Start exercising. We all knew that wasn’t going to happen.

I did make a promise to myself that I did follow through with. Get out more and be more social.  Here is my accomplishments:

1. I went to my friend’s 2nd annual pie party and combination birthday party. There was pie, lots of pie!

2. I went to a five year old’s birthday party. Cake and ice cream, yum.

3.  I went out of town with my daughter for something other than a doctor’s appointment. We went to get my new phone. She had been trying to get me to do for months. We did have a good time. We also went to the Hispanic store and got the best tacos!

4. I went to my friend’s that lives 20 miles away that I hadn’t seen in like three years. She rarely leaves her house except for work and neither do I. It makes it hard to get together.

5. I had several lunch dates with my mom and dad, my friend that I worked with for 20+ years and my childhood friend and our dads.

6. My sister came to visit! We spent time going through old pictures and spending time with our parents.

Another thing that was on my list was remodeling. Our living room is almost done but when J (youngest son) was putting a sink in one of out bathrooms, he discovered black mold. The walls and floor came out and new walls and floors are now in. Can you guess what I did to help? Absolutely nothing! I like to think my contribution to the project was staying out of their way.

I survived my first week back at work with every muscle aching and my carpal tunnel giving me fits. It was good to be back with my co-workers and in a regular routine. I got some new projects in the works, so hopefully I can be more organized and get things done.









My Friend, Tiger

My cat, Tiger, died last week. I had him since 2002. He was dumped as a kitten at my work and I took him home. He had always been my cat. Not my husband’s, not my children’s but mine. He was white and yellow, the color of butterscotch with gold eyes. He followed me everywhere. When I came out of the bathroom, he would be sitting outside the door. When I would go to the neighbors, he would be sitting on their front porch waiting for me. We would walk home together.

A couple of years ago our neighbors moved and  soon after I noticed a cat hanging around our house. He had an eerie resemblance to Tiger. The only difference was in their faces. One day when I got home ‘Tiger’ ran into the house.  Imagine my shock when I went into living room sometime later and there on the couch was a strange cat . He looked like Tiger at first glance but he definitely wasn’t Tiger.

From then on I noticed when I went in the house, ‘the other Tiger’ would come running. He always kept his head down so we couldn’t see his face.  My son fell in love with him immediately. The cat did some shady stuff so my son called him ‘Tweeker Cat’.  Tweeker Cat came up missing after the neighbors pit bull kept getting off his chain and attacking the neighborhood cats. I had rescued him a couple time but wasn’t always home and he didn’t always want to be inside.Of course nothing was done about it even though pit bulls have been outlawed in town.

Ok back to Tiger. When he was younger he liked to wander the neighborhood. He would come home and slowing walk across the street. Cars would stop for him or honk at him but he never hurried. He had quite the swagger going on. He loved hunting. More than once he brought me a snake or some other dead creature.

Every summer we had a Mockingbird that would dive bomb him every time he came outside. I don’t know what Tiger did to her or her nest but this bird was out for blood. I have so many good memories of my cat. I still look for him every morning when I get out of the shower. RIP Tiger, you were loved and are missed.


*The above picture is not Tiger. I am horrible at remembering to talk pictures.

The 70’s Collection: The Original Match Game

I love watching reruns of the Match Game. The show brings back some great childhood memories. Gene Rayburn was the best game show host of all times. He was excellent at turning an awkward situation into a hilarous moment.


The regulars would smoke during the show and were probably drinking as well. Which might have added to the good times they seemed to have. Richard Dawson was always on the bottom row, in the center. He also appeared as host on Family Feud. I remember watching the Feud with my Grandma Alice. She was always disgusted by the amount of germs Richard Dawson was spreading to the world by kissing all the female contestants on the mouth. (Grandma was a nurse). I always wondered if the other regular panel members had a secret hatred for Richard on the Match Game. He was always chosen for the Super Match and the written match and sometimes was pretty smug about it.

My favorite was Charles Nelson Reilly.  I loved his laugh. When anyone would say anything controversial, he would say, “We are going to get letter.”  He was also on one of my favorite Saturday morning shows, Lidsville. One thing that really made the show was the banter between Charles and Brett Sommers. Bret Sommers was married to Jack Klugman, famed for his role of Quincy, M.E., among other roles. She appeared with him in the Odd Couple.  She was quite the flirt and loved to tease Gene Rayburn.

Through the years they had hundreds of different panelist. Many came on as reaccurring.  Betty White, Fannie Flagg, Gary Burghoff, Patti Deutsch and Joyce Bulifant all made well over 100 appearances each.  Most of the cast members have past on. It is bittersweet to watch this knowing that but their memory and humor will live on in reruns.


Way Too Much TV

Several years ago my mom, dad and my youngest son and I traveled by car to my sister  and brother-in law’s house, which is over a thousand miles. We headed out the afternoon before we were actually scheduled to leave. (We do that a lot. We decide to go somewhere and get so anxious we leave ahead of time.) We had driven about 150 miles and decide to stop for the night. My son and I shared a room and my parents had a room. We were on the ground floor. As we were getting ready for bed, a car pulled up and shined there lights in our room. The lights stayed on for about five minutes. Because I watch things like, Criminal Minds and Law & Order,  I kind of freaked out and I ordered my son to get down on the floor. After a while the lights went out and there was no gunfire so I told him to get up. He glared at me and asked, “What is wrong with you?”. The rest of the trip was without incident and we made it home it to my sister’s and back home safely.


One evening while watching a Criminal Minds marathon, my husband and younger son went to help a friend move things that he bought at an auction. They said they would be gone for a while. I was fine with that and continued watching television in my bedroom. After it became dark I began to hear noises outside. I called my hubby and asked when he would be home. They were about half done and said it would be a while. I called my other son and asked him to come over because I kept hearing things. He said he would. I’m sure he was thinking, “What is wrong with her?” By now I had changed the channel to a sitcom, trying to think happy thoughts. My son came over with a friend and they hung out in the living room, watching tv. After a while I went out to talk to him and they were gone.

After another call to the hubby, I was told they would be home soon. Somehow I was able to drift off to sleep, until I heard a knock on the door. I got up to find one of hubby’s friends at the door. This is a man I am usually not really friendly to because he comes over all the time and annoys me.  I drug him inside and made him wait with me in the living room.  My  youngest son called, I told him dad’s friend was here and I was fine for now. After a short while his friend decided he needed to be somewhere and left. Since he only stayed a short while he goes back on my shit list. I locked the door and thought happy thoughts. My son called again, I told him I locked myself in the bedroom. “With dad’s friend?” he asked. I think I puked in my mouth a little and told him he had left and they really needed to hurry. My family returned home a short time later.  I have since been banned from watching Criminal Minds.