Way Too Much TV

Several years ago my mom, dad and my youngest son and I traveled by car to my sister  and brother-in law’s house, which is over a thousand miles. We headed out the afternoon before we were actually scheduled to leave. (We do that a lot. We decide to go somewhere and get so anxious we leave ahead of time.) We had driven about 150 miles and decide to stop for the night. My son and I shared a room and my parents had a room. We were on the ground floor. As we were getting ready for bed, a car pulled up and shined there lights in our room. The lights stayed on for about five minutes. Because I watch things like, Criminal Minds and Law & Order,  I kind of freaked out and I ordered my son to get down on the floor. After a while the lights went out and there was no gunfire so I told him to get up. He glared at me and asked, “What is wrong with you?”. The rest of the trip was without incident and we made it home it to my sister’s and back home safely.


One evening while watching a Criminal Minds marathon, my husband and younger son went to help a friend move things that he bought at an auction. They said they would be gone for a while. I was fine with that and continued watching television in my bedroom. After it became dark I began to hear noises outside. I called my hubby and asked when he would be home. They were about half done and said it would be a while. I called my other son and asked him to come over because I kept hearing things. He said he would. I’m sure he was thinking, “What is wrong with her?” By now I had changed the channel to a sitcom, trying to think happy thoughts. My son came over with a friend and they hung out in the living room, watching tv. After a while I went out to talk to him and they were gone.

After another call to the hubby, I was told they would be home soon. Somehow I was able to drift off to sleep, until I heard a knock on the door. I got up to find one of hubby’s friends at the door. This is a man I am usually not really friendly to because he comes over all the time and annoys me.  I drug him inside and made him wait with me in the living room.  My  youngest son called, I told him dad’s friend was here and I was fine for now. After a short while his friend decided he needed to be somewhere and left. Since he only stayed a short while he goes back on my shit list. I locked the door and thought happy thoughts. My son called again, I told him I locked myself in the bedroom. “With dad’s friend?” he asked. I think I puked in my mouth a little and told him he had left and they really needed to hurry. My family returned home a short time later.  I have since been banned from watching Criminal Minds.


5 thoughts on “Way Too Much TV

  1. I NEVER watch anything scary before I go to bed. Or read anything scary. I live by myself and am not really paranoid about that……but a couple of times I watched something or read something before I went to bed and had a really hard time getting to sleep. Now I also have a dog that barks at the slightest noise outside at night which is a mixed blessing.

  2. had to LOL at the ” i puked in my mouth a little” comment , cracked me up . i try not to watch too much of that stuff also , as i have a ‘very active’ imagination, haha. hugs

  3. Oh God, I get like this when I watch series like Criminal Minds too. You were strong enough to drift to sleep…kudos. I don’t know if I am yet to give up on these kind of series though. It is like I enjoy torturing my mind.:-) Lovely story.

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