My Friend, Tiger

My cat, Tiger, died last week. I had him since 2002. He was dumped as a kitten at my work and I took him home. He had always been my cat. Not my husband’s, not my children’s but mine. He was white and yellow, the color of butterscotch with gold eyes. He followed me everywhere. When I came out of the bathroom, he would be sitting outside the door. When I would go to the neighbors, he would be sitting on their front porch waiting for me. We would walk home together.

A couple of years ago our neighbors moved and  soon after I noticed a cat hanging around our house. He had an eerie resemblance to Tiger. The only difference was in their faces. One day when I got home ‘Tiger’ ran into the house.  Imagine my shock when I went into living room sometime later and there on the couch was a strange cat . He looked like Tiger at first glance but he definitely wasn’t Tiger.

From then on I noticed when I went in the house, ‘the other Tiger’ would come running. He always kept his head down so we couldn’t see his face.  My son fell in love with him immediately. The cat did some shady stuff so my son called him ‘Tweeker Cat’.  Tweeker Cat came up missing after the neighbors pit bull kept getting off his chain and attacking the neighborhood cats. I had rescued him a couple time but wasn’t always home and he didn’t always want to be inside.Of course nothing was done about it even though pit bulls have been outlawed in town.

Ok back to Tiger. When he was younger he liked to wander the neighborhood. He would come home and slowing walk across the street. Cars would stop for him or honk at him but he never hurried. He had quite the swagger going on. He loved hunting. More than once he brought me a snake or some other dead creature.

Every summer we had a Mockingbird that would dive bomb him every time he came outside. I don’t know what Tiger did to her or her nest but this bird was out for blood. I have so many good memories of my cat. I still look for him every morning when I get out of the shower. RIP Tiger, you were loved and are missed.


*The above picture is not Tiger. I am horrible at remembering to talk pictures.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your cat. I’ve had many cats in my lifetime. The one I had the longest was 20 years old when she died. She had traveled in her lifetime, she had lived in 2 different places in Arizona, in 2 places in New Mexico, 1 place in Kansas, in Michigan and Washington, DC (where she died). She was a calico and had a voice like a Siamese cat. Her name was TJ and she was part of the family.

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