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Tales From a Garden Center

For over twenty-four years I worked in the same place. My parents opened the garden center in 1982. I went to work there in ‘84. I met many people that have turned out to be life-long friends. We had lots of good times over the years. When I was pregnant with my first child, we hired a young mother, who would work at the business for almost as long as I was there and became a close friend to the family. We had a technique we perfected to avoided waiting on certain customers. When we would see someone we wanted to avoid, we would excuse ourselves to the restroom or go outside. It worked out great, unless it was just the two of us in the store, then it would be a race to the bathroom. One day she got the drop on me and rushed off to the bathroom as I was left seething to wait on the customer. This customer was rather strange. He asked where the bathroom was, to my delight. I pointed him in the right direction and sat back to listen. I sat snickering as he tried to basically break the door down trying to get in. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy with me.

At one time one of my uncles worked in the store with us. We had a young man that worked after-school. When the young man was done with his work at the end of the day he was allowed to sit and watch my uncle play solitaire on the computer. If he spoke during the game (such as to say, play your ten) he would have to go sweep the store. When we were all finished with our work and we were waiting on the clock to tell us it was time to close, we would be “force” to play hang man.  If someone would come to the door after closing and the door was locked my uncle would yell, “Hit the Deck” and we would all drop to the floor and hide. I really don’t know why we just didn’t tell them we were closed but it was always a good time. One day he was giving me a ride home and there was a car left in the parking lot. I remember him saying, “I better go back inside and check. There might be someone dead in the shitter.”

One of my childhood friends came to work in the late 90’s. I remember a couple that were customers of ours came in the store one day. I had only talked to them on the phone and had never met them. He was dressed like a boat captain, complete with the hat. She was dressed in a colorful orange stripped dress with a full skirt and a matching hat. After they left, she remarked, “Oh my gosh, they looked liked characters from The Far Side”.  When I was pregnant with my third child, I was in my early thirties. She got me a card that said, “Look at the bright side, you could be this old and pregnant.” Underneath she wrote, “Oh that’s right, you ARE!!”

I am back at the garden center under new ownership. I have met a whole new crew of people but that is another story……..


The 70’s Collection: Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday morning used to be magical when I was a child. I would jump out of my bed at the crack of dawn and head for the one tv that we had in our house. It was in the family room. Unlike today that your typical household has a tv in every bedroom and one in the “media room”.

There were so many favorites through the years. My all-time favorites would have to be The Flintstone’s and the Jetson’s. We have a planter at the garden center where I work that  reminds me of an episode of the Flintstone’s. The episode was about  the Wayout’s, who were a British rock band that visited Bedrock. They had a surprising resemblance to the Beatles.  Every time I walk into the greenhouse I shout, “The Wayout’s are coming! The Wayout’s are coming.”

In the 70’s, brothers, Sid & Marty Krofft, designed the set and characters for, Hanna-Barbera’s, Banana Splits. This gave them the idea to create there own Saturday morning programs. Their first series was, H.R. Pufnstuf. It was a mix of puppets, people and special effects. They also created, The Bugaloos, Lidsville, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, (Sigmund the Sea Monster and Johnny and Scott are friends. The finest  friends that can ever be on the land or on the sea.), The Land of the Lost and some other stuff I don’t remember.

I loved HR Pufnstuf.  For those that don’t remember the show, Jimmy was a boy that was lured to a magical island called Living Island. He had a flute that when on the island could talk. Witchiepoo was a witch, who through the whole series tried to get the magic flute. Pufnstuf was an overgrown puppet that didn’t resemble any animal I have ever seen. He was the mayor of Living Island. He was also Jimmy’s friend. I don’t remember much else as it has been almost 50 years since it was on.

I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons with my kids. The world has changed so much over the years and Saturday morning cartoons have become a casualty. What was your favorite?



Maybe Tomorrow

I am the worlds worst procrastinator. I have worn short sleeve and sleeveless shirts all winter because I just never got around to getting my winter clothes.  I had the months of December and January off from my full-time job but I still didn’t do it. I also wanted to clean out my closet and get rid of things I don’t wear.  My closet looks like it exploded because there are so many clothes. I did, however, get rid of the “maybe someday I will lose weight and fit these again” clothes.

I have stacks of Christmas decorations under my dining room table. You really can’t see them because we are remodeling the living room. We started remodeling  that room about two years ago when the ceiling tiles started to collapse. The living room was but on hold, when I got a wild hair to paint the spare bedroom and redo the floor. (The walls are painted but the floor isn’t done.) The spare bedroom was put on hold when my son started to put a new sink in the half bath and found black mold. He gutted the entire room put in new floors and walls, painted, tiled and put in the new sink and a new toilet. I might add he put the old toilet on the front porch and it was there for a couple of months. When I was told we were getting a new toilet I begged him to get that thing off the front porch. We rarely use the front door so the only person that encountered it on a daily basis was the mailman. I am hoping the toilet has been disposed of and doesn’t show up in my front yard as a flower planter.

I have been slacking on my blog as well. My intention when I started was post two days a week, Wednesday and Sunday.  I have several unfinished posts that I really need to work on. My evening are free, so why can’t I get anything done? When the kids were little we always had things to do in the evenings, homework, games, practices, programs, etc. That is no longer the case.

You would think because of my severe procrastination problem that I would be  constantly late. That is not the case. The only time I am late is when I have to wait for my husband to be ready. (Or one of my kids.) I am normally 10 to 15 minutes early for work. If I have an appointment I’m there 15 to 30 minutes early, with the idea that maybe I am get in earlier. That is usually not the case, so I sit there 15 to 30 minutes longer. Which is why I carry a book in my purse.

**I started this post last week. Today is now Monday and I have missed both my Wednesday and Sunday deadline.  So now I will end it, press publish and consider it a day late or three days early.