The 70’s Collection: Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday morning used to be magical when I was a child. I would jump out of my bed at the crack of dawn and head for the one tv that we had in our house. It was in the family room. Unlike today that your typical household has a tv in every bedroom and one in the “media room”.

There were so many favorites through the years. My all-time favorites would have to be The Flintstone’s and the Jetson’s. We have a planter at the garden center where I work that  reminds me of an episode of the Flintstone’s. The episode was about  the Wayout’s, who were a British rock band that visited Bedrock. They had a surprising resemblance to the Beatles.  Every time I walk into the greenhouse I shout, “The Wayout’s are coming! The Wayout’s are coming.”

In the 70’s, brothers, Sid & Marty Krofft, designed the set and characters for, Hanna-Barbera’s, Banana Splits. This gave them the idea to create there own Saturday morning programs. Their first series was, H.R. Pufnstuf. It was a mix of puppets, people and special effects. They also created, The Bugaloos, Lidsville, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, (Sigmund the Sea Monster and Johnny and Scott are friends. The finest  friends that can ever be on the land or on the sea.), The Land of the Lost and some other stuff I don’t remember.

I loved HR Pufnstuf.  For those that don’t remember the show, Jimmy was a boy that was lured to a magical island called Living Island. He had a flute that when on the island could talk. Witchiepoo was a witch, who through the whole series tried to get the magic flute. Pufnstuf was an overgrown puppet that didn’t resemble any animal I have ever seen. He was the mayor of Living Island. He was also Jimmy’s friend. I don’t remember much else as it has been almost 50 years since it was on.

I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons with my kids. The world has changed so much over the years and Saturday morning cartoons have become a casualty. What was your favorite?



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  1. Oh goodness the old ones like Sylvester and tweetie. Loved HR Pufnsuf..sad that today’s cartoons aren’t really cartoons at all..

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