All My Little Ducks In a Row

A couple months ago my oldest son, D, came to work at the garden center I work at. If you have been following along with my blog you will remember that he thinks I ask too many questions. I try to limit myself to twenty questions a day. Sometimes I will stop my inquiry in mid-sentence when I realize I have gone over the allotted number of questions.

Many things have changed since he was a teen and lived at home. Some have not. If he walks into the office and I am singing, he says, “You should probably never do that again.” Just like old times.

We have all been very pleased with the work he does and he will be moving to the landscape crew when our season is over. Things slow down in the garden center around the end of May, so all the temporary help is laid off.

My youngest son, J, (I am not suppose to call him the baby anymore.) started working on the landscape crew. Both the boys and my daughter, grew up at the garden center when my family owned it. I left in ’06 to open a home daycare and my parents sold it in about ’08. J liked to go to the garden center as much as possible as a child. D, not so much. J learned to run the cash register about first or second grade. Whenever a customer came to the register, he would elbow the cashier out of the way so he could ring them up. Of course it was cute at first.

My daughter, T, also loved the garden center as a child but didn’t hang out there as much. We didn’t have as much patience when T & D were little. T was 12 when J was born. By the time he was born we were a little more relaxed as parents and he would get to go to work with us.

When J was about third grade, he would go on small jobs with my dad. On more that one occasion the landscapers would file in to the office. My dad would say, ” Why aren’t you out working?” They would reply, “J fired us.” My dad would then have a little talk with him.





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  1. so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if he had been that old when we were hangin out, he may have fired me as ‘friend’ , heehee…… cocky little shit , haha. love and hugs

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