The Oils Have It

As you may or may not know, I have recently started using doTERRA Essential Oils. I love them. I have been spreading the gospel of these oils to everyone I know. In the past few months I have quit using many of the over the counter products I had used for my ailments.

Every time someone sneezes or farts, here I come with my oils. I even have a diffuser on my desk to keep sick peoples’ germs at bay. Currently my diffuser is at a friend’s house. I had observed on a visit to her home that her child had a runny nose. We diffused Breathe in the diffuser. Now she is a believer.

One day my daughter brought her friend to me because she had a tooth ache. I fixed her up, good as new, using Melaleuca, or as good as one can be without visiting a dentist. Both of my sons have come to me with aches and pains and I feel like I am a useful parent again, fixing their boo boos.

One of the reasons I ordered the oils to begin with is I was waking up at one am. I found it hard to go back to sleep. When I finally did, the alarm clock would go off seconds later. I started using Lavender oil with a drop of Frankincense.  Now I sleep all night.

One night my son, J, came home late. The dogs sleep in my room and can hear the gate or the back door open and bark like crazy. However, he made it into the house and  my room and none of the dogs woke up. My husband and I didn’t hear him either. In the morning he told me that he was kind of freaked out that none of us woke up and almost checked our breathing.

As I get older and my body parts are starting to fall apart, I find myself turning more and more to doTERRA oils.

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