Just Another Day


A couple weeks ago I drove by a convenience store.  Pulled up to the gas pumps was a truck loaded down with sticks. My first thought was, he is delivering building materials to one of the three little pigs. My second thought was, dang, I should of gotten a picture of that. When it comes to taking pictures, I am always too slow. I always miss that Kodak moment.

One day at work, I heard a plane flying really low. I went out to see what was going on. It was a crop duster. My first thought was, I wonder if I am going to get poisoned standing out here. My second thought was, I should get a picture of this. After getting my camera and after numerous attempts I had several shots of tree branches with just a glimpse of airplane wing.

I am not too bad at taking pictures of things that don’t move. Enjoy my accomplishments below.

Does this remind you of Mario Brothers?
One of the beautiful things I see at work on a daily basis.
My friend that lives in the backroom at work.

When my children were growing up I always forgot to take my camera to important events or outings. If I did remember my camera I would never get around to developing my film. Thank goodness for my parents. They never forgot their camera, otherwise I wouldn’t have pics of many of my kids important moments. Don’t judge, most of the time I was lucky to get the little angels in the car and where we were going. One of my kids always managed to go outside right before we left and find dog poop. Needless to say he would have to have a wardrobe change and we would be behind schedule.

Ok, back to original story. In October, our town has a big celebration. We have three parades in three days. As I was driving one day I got behind this. This isn’t so unusual is it?

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