Wacky Wednesday: That Darn Neighbor

Wacky Wednesday is a new feature that is dedicated to those wacky people who make our lives more interesting. This is meant to entertain and not depress. The news is so full of tragic things that are happening in our world. This week’s story is only tragic if you are the neighbor of a man in Tiverton, RI, who decide to pave the road to his house with clam shells, which is a good idea if you wash them first. He did not. He brought in truckloads of shells. The shells actually had pieces of meat attached to them.

The neighbors immediately started to complain. They protested with signs that said, “Honk if it Stinks”. They stood on the side of the road wearing doctor’s masks and gas masks. One lady on the news showed how close the road was too her home. All of this happened when it was cloudy and then………the sun came out. Cue the maggots and flies.  Can you imagine the smell?

After two weeks the city ordered him to remove the fly infested, maggot covered “road”. Watching the video was so real. It was like you could almost smell it. I personally would have just moved. How are they ever going to get the stink out of their houses?

Have you ever had a neighbor that did anything to irritate you? I remember one place we lived the lady across the street would walk her dog in our yard. She would let him do his business right in front of our picture window. Definitely not a Kodak moment. (Do people still call it  ‘picture window’ ?)

2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: That Darn Neighbor

  1. im gonna like wednesdays, heehee …………………. this is grose , haha, im surprised he had to be ‘forced to remove it” you would think he would be passing out apology cards to all neighbors and putting up his own signs saying ” MY BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

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