Wacky Wednesday: Burning Down the House

“I was just sitting there minding my own business, when all of a sudden I see a bright light coming towards me. I said to myself, Billy, this isn’t your time.”.

This week’s Wacky Wednesday takes place in none other than my home state of Kansas. A woman in Topeka, KS, who resided in an apartment complex came across a bug in her apartment. Instead of stepping on it, which many of us may have done, she tries to light it on fire with a flip lighter. The lighter sparks, then catches a mattress on fire. She tries to put it out, with the help of her daughter. It quickly becomes out of control. Her family evacuates the apartment and alert neighbors.

Damage is estimated at around $140,000.00. Thirteen adults and six children are without homes. No mention of the bug or if she killed it. I expect PETA to be all over this.


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