Wacky Wednesday: I’m Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor

A woman in Ohio  rescued a five and a half foot boa constrictor last Wednesday. By Thursday she was calling 911.  She  told the dispatcher that the snake had latched onto her nose. The dispatcher suggests prying its jaw open.

Ok, now, how do you rescue a Boa Constrictor?  Was it stuck in a tree? Or maybe she was visiting the local animal shelter and this ginormous reptile caught her eye? Eeekkk!!!  I am not  a lover of anything that slithers. In both instances, I would have turned tail and ran. Let me remind you, I never run.

The dispatcher asked the face biting victim if she had any other snakes. Her answer was, eleven. Double Ekkk!!!!  She then told the dispatcher they were all put away. What if they weren’t? Would the EMS send in a police officer first, like they do when there is a human attacking another human?

When the EMS arrived the snake was wrapped around her waist and biting her face. A fireman had to remove the creature by decapitating it.  I do feel bad that they couldn’t save the snake because I don’t like when anything dies. We will all be happy to know, the woman’s injuries were non-life-threatening.

Ed with E & J Reptile Shows & Rescue (look, more rescuing), believes the woman should have waited at least a week before handling the snake. That amount of time would help to get it acclimated to its new surroundings. He also said two drops of rubbing alcohol could have gotten the snake to release its jaws. Good to know. I hope I never have to use that little bit of information.



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