“I’m Late!!!”

I opened one eye to look at the clock. I opened both and did a double take. “Oh no I’m late!”  I jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom, grabbed my clothes off the top of the dirty clothes pile, quickly brushed my teeth. I ran through the house picking up my phone and purse on the way out the back door.

“Where’s my car?” I run back through the house and go out the front door. No car there either. Thinking it might be out back in the neighboring church parking lot, I run back through the house out the back door and in to the alley. “NO! WHERE’S MY CAR?”

By this time I am in full panic mode. You see, I work at a day care and am picturing in my mind the parents all gathering at the door waiting for ME. They will all be late as well, because of ME. I call both of my bosses and one of the boss’s husband. No answer! I get a text from one of them asking if I am ok. I immediately call her.

Boss: “Hello.”

Me: (By now I am sobbing.) “I over-slept, my car is gone, I don’t know how I am getting to the day care, all the parents are standing there waiting for me.”

Boss: “Paula, it’s Saturday.”

Me: “Oh.”

4 thoughts on ““I’m Late!!!”

    I’ve done the same thing! Not with car, but with kids! Gone to wake up my kids and they’re not in their beds, because it wasn’t a school night and they slept in the living room!
    “Where’s the baby?!?!?”

  2. That’s scary when you think you lose your child. I always go to the worse case scenario in my mind.

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