Wacky Wednesday: Mystery Meat


A woman in Southern California was eating her vegetarian salad when she almost stuck her fork in a tiny frog that had been packaged in her salad mix. She immediately barfed up what she had already eaten in case there had been others in the mix. She is a strict vegetarian who is allergic to different meats.

It didn’t even cross my mind that there would be more than one frog in the salad. In my warped way of thinking, I was wondering how much frog poop she had eaten. That would have been the reason I would be barfing.

This kind hearted woman decided to make the little frog her pet. He now lives in a small aquarium in her home. She did contact the store where she bought the salad mix. Those generous bastards gave her a $5 gift card to their store. I’m pretty sure she will not be using it to buy a salad mix.

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