Wacky Wednesday: What the Rock?

What is with the rock craze? People are painting rocks and hiding them. Those crazy, painted rocksĀ are everywhere you go. They are hidden. They are out in the open. They are meant to make you feel good. You find one and then you re-hid it….

Wacky Wednesday: Nothing Wacky This Week

I had surgery last Wednesday on my right hand for carpal tunnel. It was like šŸ’Æ times worse than the left. I don’t feel like typing much this week becauseĀ I’m being a giant baby about this. Come back next week and I promise I won’t…

This is Not an Urban Myth

My friend recently introduced me to something quite unique. It will give me hours of entertainment in the future. I am sure many of you know about this but as usual I am the last to know. What is it, you ask? The Urban Dictionary….

Wacky Wednesday: Who’s Your Daddy?

An unusual calf was born in Kerrville, Texas. She was named Genie. Why was she named Genie? Take a gander at this photo of her. Does she remind you of anyone?   They even have the same tongue.