Wacky Wednesday: What the Rock?

What is with the rock craze? People are painting rocks and hiding them. Those crazy, painted rocks are everywhere you go. They are hidden. They are out in the open. They are meant to make you feel good. You find one and then you re-hid it. It’s almost like Easter all year round. Always on the lookout for colorful little jewels. There are even groups for rock hiding on Facebook.

Unlike the Pet Rock fad that lasted about 6 months in the mid-70’s and made Gary Dahl, the creator, a millionaire, no one is getting rich on this. This is all about friendship, which immediately reminds me of Paul Abrahamiam, of Big Brother 18 & 19, who coined the word “friendship” throughout both seasons. The garden center I work at is selling the pretty oval rocks by the buckets full. Which is cool unless you come in five minutes before closing to hand select your bucket of perfectly formed rocks.

This reminds me of a prank my friend and I used to play on each other with a giant can of hair spray. It all started when I went to a new beautician. After she cut my hair she offered to style it. I came out with my hair style resembling a helmet with at least one can of hairspray holding it in place. I immediately went to my job to show my friends what she had done to me. I expected them to pat me on the back and tell me it would wash out. What I got, after they finally realized that I wasn’t there grandmother, was laughter. They didn’t even try to conceal it. I went home and washed my hair and then washed it again.

    This is seriously what my hair  looked like.


Anyway, my friend K and I  started sending the can of hair spray back and forth to each other in gifts. The last time I had it, I gave it back to her at Christmas. I bought a poster of Johnny Depp, as Captain Jack Sparrow. I unrolled the poster and rolled the can back up in it, then rolled wrapping paper around it. When she opened it she was too busy slobbering over the poster to even see the hair spray. Good times.

Happy rock hunting, ya’ll.



2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: What the Rock?

  1. My son has found a few of those rocks and brought them home to me, they really made me smile. So did paying it forward. They really are a great idea. Now the hairspray? I don’t know if that will catch on.

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