Wacky Wednesday: A Misplaced Child


A family in Utah accidentally left their three year old at a corn maze. The parents didn’t realize he was missing until the next morning. They say they didn’t notice right away  because several families live in the home. No one noticed the empty car seat on the way home?



Anyone that has ever had a child knows that once they start talking they never stop. Wouldn’t you think to yourself, “Why is it so quiet in here? I can actually hear myself think.”  Or maybe you realize you were able to watch a whole episode of Law & Order without little Jimmy saying, “Mom, Momma, Mommy!”

It may not dawn on you until you realize you went to the bathroom by yourself for the first time in years. No one barged in on you or pounded on the door the whole time you were in there.


Lucky for the child someone found him before the corn maze closed for the evening. He could have been another Kevin McAllister.

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