J Gets a Boo Boo, Part 1

Last Monday started out like all Mondays. Crappy and way too early. I went to my first job and then to my second job. About an hour and a half into my shift I get a phone call from my son. Both of my sons and I are employed at the same company. I work in the store and they work on the landscaping crew. My youngest son tells me he got hurt and is headed back to the store. They were working in a town about 20 miles away.

He then calls me back a few minutes later and tells me he is about to pass out and he is going to the hospital there. When he told me what happened all I hear is “Wood Chipper”. After I hung up I tell my co-workers, who have heard most of the conversation because of the panic in my voice, that J is hurt and I am headed to the hospital. I think my exact words were, “Oh my God my son needs me. I think he’s bleeding to death.” My boss, who calls me “Fatal Freda”, because of my ability to  look at the worst outcome for every situation, tells me to calm down and it probably isn’t as bad as I make it out to be. I think her exact words are, “Oh my God, Freda. You really need to calm down.”

I arrive at the hospital. My son is still alive and is not actually bleeding to death. After x-rays, we are told he has a broken finger and receives 6 stitches and we are sent on our way, with instructions to see an orthopedic doctor the following day. The accident occurred while the Wood Chipper was turned off. The boys were in the process of taking the cover off the machine to remove a branch that was stuck. The cover dropped on his hand.

The next day we arrive at the Dr office. J had been in so much pain so we kept him pretty much doped up on his prescription. After an hour and a half I see the doctor walk through the lobby.  My mother, who was with us, points to my son and says , “Paula, you better get  him.” I look over at my son and  he is about to fall out of his chair. A minute later the nurse calls J’s name. We gather our things up to head to the room only to be told the doctor had to leave. She is very apologetic and asks us to come back tomorrow. Well crap….

4 thoughts on “J Gets a Boo Boo, Part 1

    1. We were in the elevator on the way to the doctor. There were three ladies in with us. One made the mistake of asking what happened. Of course he led with, I was working on a wood chipper. All three ladies gasp. I had to add that it wasn’t plugged in.

  1. i would have freaked my shit out too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad all is well ….. kick his )( for scaring the momma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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