I Want Candy!

Halloween, a night to go door to door,  begging. I remember one Halloween when I was a child, I must of been about kindergarten age. We always had store bought costumes. This particular year I was a devil and my sister was a clown. Back in the 70’s, the costumes came with a plastic mask and a vinyl smock and were usually purchased at the dime store. In those days safety wasn’t such a big issue. I’m pretty sure the costumes were 100% flammable.

My parents let my sister and I go to a couple houses next to ours without them. Every time someone would say, “Oh my goodness who could this be?”, I would lift my mask and show them who I was. When my sister didn’t lift her mask, I would do it for her.  I don’t remember if we got into a fight on the people’s porch. I do remember she was mad at me. My parents then took us through the neighborhood, my sister tightly holding her mask in place as we approached each door. 

Our parents would ration our candy over the next few days or weeks depending on the haul. One year, I went treat or treating with my friend. We ended up at her house. As I was eating as much candy as I could before her mother said anything to me, I bit down on something. I was horrified. After hearing all the stories about people putting razor blades and poisoning candy, I was sure my candy was tainted. I pulled  the gum I was chewing out of my mouth and there was a small rock stuck in it. On closer inspection I realized it was not a rock but one of my fillings. My candy was safe after all, back to stuffing my face.


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