Curse You Daylight Savings Time

Any other year I am delighted when Day Light Savings Time ends and I get my hour back from when it began eight months earlier. This year has been completely different. When we changed our clocks in the wee hours of the morning, on November 5th, I completely forgot. Luckily, I didn’t have anywhere to go so it didn’t affect me. Since cellphones do all the work for us now days, I didn’t even need to change my clock.

That evening I took my shower and finished loading the dishwasher. As I got in bed, I looked at my phone to make sure my alarm was set. “Well crap,” I said to myself. Looking at the clock it read 5:30 pm. I decided to read for a couple of hours since I was already in bed. I dozed off after sometime.

Normally I wake up in the night and look at the clock. It’s usually about 3:30, 1 hour before I need to get up. I curse to myself, wishing I could sleep longer. Well, that is not the case thanks to the end of DLS. Since that Sunday I have been waking up about 12:30, looking at the clock, cursing to myself. Wishing it is later because I am ready to get up.

I’m also blaming the end of DLS for my laziness. I have no energy for the things I need to get done while I am on my winter layoff. I have however, watched at least 30 Hallmark channel Christmas movies. This makes me feel that I have accomplished something.

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    1. I should clarify. I have two jobs. I am on layoff from my full-time job and work part-time at the daycare.

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