My New (Old) Favorite Show

As we get older and older, our tv gets louder and louder. I was in the kitchen a few days ago and was listening to hubby’s tv. I didn’t recognize the voices from the show he was watching, so I went to investigate. He was watching Daniel Boone.  I immediately picked up the remote to find out what channel he was watching. It was one I had not seen before. I scanned through the upcoming shows to see what else it had to offer. It had a number of old western series and also old western movies. I set my DVR to record a few different shows.

One was High Chaparral. I remember watching it at my grandma’s many years ago. I don’t think I ever sat down and actually watched a whole episode. Keep in mind this was back before Ritalin. I was around six years old at this time. I do remember Henry Darrow being on the show. He would appear a few years later on a few of my soaps.

The most memorable thing about High Chaparral was the theme song. If you went to any parades in the 70’s or 80’s chances are at least one of the high school marching bands were playing that song.

If you have never watched or don’t remember watching High Chaparral, check it out. It is both funny and dramatic. My favorite characters are Manolito and Buck. Manolito is a player. Always riding his horse to town for a hook up. Buck also like to ride his horse to town. He’s more interested in drinking. He usually saves someone when he goes to town if he isn’t shot before hand or his horse isn’t spooked causing him to get knocked out when he falls off of it. I love the way he talks. Buck likes to irritate his friend, Manolito, by mispronouncing, adios, and he says A-pache when the Indians attack.

Check it out and tell me what you think. It is on the channel, INSP.INSP. check out FETV, for shows like the Partridge Family, the Monkee’s, the Flying Nun, Maude, TJ Hooker and Bewitched.

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