It’s Just a Job

I have worked several jobs in my lifetime and some of my past co-workers have baffled me. For instance, why do you need the whole day off to go to the doctor. I understand if you have to go out-of-town for an appointment. I am talking about the person who calls in and says they have a doctor’s appointment so they won’t be in today. This is at 8 am, mind you,  their appointment is not until 3 pm, but they need the whole day off.

What about the part-time worker that only works until noon. You better believe they schedule all their appointments during work hours. They wouldn’t want to screw up their time off.

I love going through employment application when it is time to hire. One question on the application is, reason for leaving last job. The most popular answer is, not enough hours. Well now you have no hours, Einstein, because you quit your job.

I am old school and was taught the customer is always right, which I found not to be as true as it once was. I was also taught respect so I always try to be kind no matter what. However, my inner voice has a mind of it’s own.

Years ago, as a teenager, I had several fast food jobs. I remember a gentleman came in and ordered a pint of ice cream. As I am filling up the pint container he sticks his head in the window and says, “No, no, a bigger pint!”. My inner voice says, “You mean a quart?” Or was it my outer voice?

Back in the 70’s it wasn’t uncommon to see personal questions on a job application. When our boss was gone we would snoop through the applications. One teenage boy put his height down as 5′ 12″. Another person, when asked his sex (male or female) answered, yes.

What your story?

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  1. i dont really have a story , but ii loved your comment ‘ well, now you have no hours’ , lmao . love you paula 🙂

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