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Wacky Wednesday: Blue Ain’t Your Color

In the city of Navi Mumbai in India, there are blue dogs roaming the streets. Why are these dogs blue? Are they distant relatives of the Smurfs?  Umm, no. There is a logical explanation. So what is the logical explanation?

The dogs are swimming and drinking in the Kasadi river. The river is very polluted and may contain toxic waste. The area has several factories. At least one is dumping dyes in the water. The water has been tested and the pollution levels are 16 times higher than the safe level. The Pollution Board is investigating.

This can’t be good. I wonder if any other animals have been affected by the toxins in the river. What about the humans? How will this affect them?

Wacky Wednesday: A Horse is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course

This week’s Wacky Wednesday takes place in Texas. A man wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots, rides a horse into Whataburger. He gets off his horse and jumps upon a table. He does a little dance.  He then jumps down, tips his hat, does a little jig and leaves the restaurant. Or should I say, tries to leave. His horse has other plans. He pretty much had to drag the horse out. 

The man had two guys with him recording the whole time. My first thought was, did someone dare him to do this? Why bring a horse into a restaurant? I personally don’t want to smell a horse while I am trying to eat. It’s not that I have anything against horses. However, the two times I have been on horses I was bucked. They definitely had a problem with me.

This story reminded me of a man that owned a bear. I worked at a fast food restaurant when I was in high school. The man would order his food at the speaker and pull around to the window. The bear would be in the back of his truck. He always ordered the bear an ice cream cone.

Wacky Wednesday: I’m Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor

A woman in Ohio  rescued a five and a half foot boa constrictor last Wednesday. By Thursday she was calling 911.  She  told the dispatcher that the snake had latched onto her nose. The dispatcher suggests prying its jaw open.

Ok, now, how do you rescue a Boa Constrictor?  Was it stuck in a tree? Or maybe she was visiting the local animal shelter and this ginormous reptile caught her eye? Eeekkk!!!  I am not  a lover of anything that slithers. In both instances, I would have turned tail and ran. Let me remind you, I never run.

The dispatcher asked the face biting victim if she had any other snakes. Her answer was, eleven. Double Ekkk!!!!  She then told the dispatcher they were all put away. What if they weren’t? Would the EMS send in a police officer first, like they do when there is a human attacking another human?

When the EMS arrived the snake was wrapped around her waist and biting her face. A fireman had to remove the creature by decapitating it.  I do feel bad that they couldn’t save the snake because I don’t like when anything dies. We will all be happy to know, the woman’s injuries were non-life-threatening.

Ed with E & J Reptile Shows & Rescue (look, more rescuing), believes the woman should have waited at least a week before handling the snake. That amount of time would help to get it acclimated to its new surroundings. He also said two drops of rubbing alcohol could have gotten the snake to release its jaws. Good to know. I hope I never have to use that little bit of information.



Wacky Wednesday: Burning Down the House

“I was just sitting there minding my own business, when all of a sudden I see a bright light coming towards me. I said to myself, Billy, this isn’t your time.”.

This week’s Wacky Wednesday takes place in none other than my home state of Kansas. A woman in Topeka, KS, who resided in an apartment complex came across a bug in her apartment. Instead of stepping on it, which many of us may have done, she tries to light it on fire with a flip lighter. The lighter sparks, then catches a mattress on fire. She tries to put it out, with the help of her daughter. It quickly becomes out of control. Her family evacuates the apartment and alert neighbors.

Damage is estimated at around $140,000.00. Thirteen adults and six children are without homes. No mention of the bug or if she killed it. I expect PETA to be all over this.


Wacky Wednesday: A Sense of Humor

Thames Valley Police, in England, recently came across a crop of marijuana. They dug the plants and confiscated them. They were not able to locate the growers but left the above note, which reads, “Oops! Sorry we missed each other but feel free to call me on 101 ( Not sure what that means.) so we can discuss a deal. Lots of love, TVP xx.”.

The officers (or is it constables) secured the note to the ground with a stake. They were following a tip regarding the plants. Could you imagine going to check on your pot plants and seeing that note? I bet the look on his/her/their face(s) was priceless.

Imagine the different emotions that ran through his/her/their mind(s).             1. Shock. “Hey, where’s my plants?        2. Disbelief.  “@#$&%+  the cops (constables) were here.”.      3. Relief. “I made it home without being arrested!”      4. Paranoia. “What if they put a hidden camera out there.” (Looking out the shades.)  5. Confusion. “Should I call them?”.   

There has been no arrests as of this time. Guess they decided not to call.







Wacky Wednesday: The Man in the Boat

  • A 73 year-old fisherman is out in his small fishing boat off the coast of Australia. He is sitting on his ice chest, minding his own business, when all of a sudden something leaps in the air and lands in his boat. As it lands beside him, something jabs him in the right arm. It is the pectoral fin of a Great  What Shark. It thrashes around his boat, battering and bruising him and knocking him to his hands and knees. He is able to get to his radio and call for help.

The Marine Rescue sends a launch boat and a helicopter. The Marine Rescue get him out of his boat and away from his 9′, 440 lb., unwanted guest. He is  taken to the hospital for treatment. the fisherman says this won’t keep him from going back out in his boat.

Really? If a Great White Shark landed in my boat, I’m pretty sure I would have leaped from that boat and swam back to shore in record time. As for going out again, I would, burn, sell or sink that boat. That’s kind of the way I see a haunted house. First site of a ghost, I’m gone. I wouldn’t even go back for my stuff.

This story remind me of the book, “The ‘Old Man and the Sea’. Anyone else see a resemblance?  Share with me any tales you have from the ocean. Dad, do you have one to share?