Wacky Wednesday: A Sense of Humor

Thames Valley Police, in England, recently came across a crop of marijuana. They dug the plants and confiscated them. They were not able to locate the growers but left the above note, which reads, “Oops! Sorry we missed each other but feel free to call me on 101 ( Not sure what that means.) so we can discuss a deal. Lots of love, TVP xx.”.

The officers (or is it constables) secured the note to the ground with a stake. They were following a tip regarding the plants. Could you imagine going to check on your pot plants and seeing that note? I bet the look on his/her/their face(s) was priceless.

Imagine the different emotions that ran through his/her/their mind(s).             1. Shock. “Hey, where’s my plants?        2. Disbelief.  “@#$&%+  the cops (constables) were here.”.      3. Relief. “I made it home without being arrested!”      4. Paranoia. “What if they put a hidden camera out there.” (Looking out the shades.)  5. Confusion. “Should I call them?”.   

There has been no arrests as of this time. Guess they decided not to call.







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