Wacky Wednesday: Blue Ain’t Your Color

In the city of Navi Mumbai in India, there are blue dogs roaming the streets. Why are these dogs blue? Are they distant relatives of the Smurfs?  Umm, no. There is a logical explanation. So what is the logical explanation?

The dogs are swimming and drinking in the Kasadi river. The river is very polluted and may contain toxic waste. The area has several factories. At least one is dumping dyes in the water. The water has been tested and the pollution levels are 16 times higher than the safe level. The Pollution Board is investigating.

This can’t be good. I wonder if any other animals have been affected by the toxins in the river. What about the humans? How will this affect them?

4 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: Blue Ain’t Your Color

  1. remember that song “blue’ , that was stephens first cd, in kansas, drove me crazy with that song over and over again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love and miss ya !!!!!!! 🙂

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