Wacky Wednesday: The Pumpkin Mystery

One of the greatest mysteries of all times is the prank that was pulled at Cornell University in 1997. Somehow a pumpkin was speared on the steeple of the 173 ft,  McGraw Tower. This was no easy feat. I’m picturing Spiderman scaling the tower one handed and the pumpkin on top of his finger, like a Harlem Globetrotter.

At first they school didn’t even know if it was a pumpkin. They used a remote control weather balloon to take a picture. The pumpkin became famous. The associated press picked up on it, as well as MTV. The school paper had a pumpkin watch. There was even a website where you could watch the pumpkin decay. Good times!

The pumpkin stayed until 1998, when the school decided it needed to come down. A crane was sent up to retrieve it. They sent the bucket up empty The  wind blew the crane into the side of the tower causing the pumpkin to be dislodged. I’m thinking they should have picked a less windy day.

Twenty years later, the world still doesn’t know who the prankster was. One of Cornell’s former alumni wants the person or persons to come forward. The statute of limitations has passed and I am pretty sure he/she/ they are no longer students there.

Sorry you may need a magnifying glass to enjoy the picture.

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