Wacky Wednesday: Parking Like a Boss

A man in Florida was trying to park his car. In the process, he hit seventeen parked vehicles. Would it come as a surprise to you to hear he was drunk? Luckily, nobody was hurt and he was arrested. What is wrong with people? Number one, you should never drink and drive. Number two, after hitting the third or fourth car wouldn’t you realize that maybe driving wasn’t a good idea.

This story resembles me and my ability to parallel park. I usually avoid parallel parking spots. I would rather walk five blocks than try to park my car lengthwise between two other cars. If there is no one else on the block then I will park in the first spot. Never in-between! If I get cocky and park behind someone, when I come out to get in my car there is always a giant truck parked two inches from my bumper that is completely blocking out the sunlight.

If I am on a quiet street and I think no one is watching, I will attempt to parallel park. That is, providing I have adequate space. I take about six to eight tries and when I think I am good I will get out of my car. I get out to admire my work and realize I am five feet from the curb. Good enough for me!

3 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: Parking Like a Boss

  1. Oh sweet baby Jesus I HATE to parallel park! I’ve started driving minivans for work and it’s so bad!! but when I actually do it (always only with a car in front, never between two) I get all excited and the kids are all “woo…..hoo….what’s the big deal?” 13-year-olds are so hard to impress haha

    1. It seems it is even hard anymore for me to park in a regular spot as well. I have to pull in and out of the spot three or four times before I get it between the lines.

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