J Gets a Boo Boo, Part 2

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If you haven’t read, J Gets a Boo Boo, Part 1, go back now and read it. I will try to link it but hey it’s me,  I don’t have the technology.

Jordan was working and his finger got smashed by the lid on the chipper. The chipper was not on at the time. I repeat, turned off at the time.

Now, part 2.

The next day we headed back to the Ortho Dr. When the Dr  unwrapped his pinky finger he  remarked how good it looked.. Then….. he turned it over. To the surprise of everyone in the room, the Dr, his PA, the nurse, J and myself, there was a gaping cut. It seemed the emergency room Dr failed to turn his hand over and examine the underside. My son didn’t realize it either because he still had his glove on when he went to the ER. He had his head turned away the whole time he was worked on. I wasn’t exactly watching them clean and stitch him up either. They got him stitched up and we headed home.

He was off a whole week from work. This is where my nightmare begins. If you have ever been around a male that has an injury or a cold you will be able to relate to my predicament.

One day, while he was off work, he called me at work around lunch time. Here was our conversation:

Me: Hello

J: Mom, are you coming home for lunch.

Me: Not today. Why? What’s up?

J: I’m hungry.

Me: There is stuff there for sandwiches.

J: Mom, I only have one hand!

M: J, I am pretty sure you can make a sandwich with one hand.

J: I can’t believe you’re going to let a cripple starve.

M: You’re not a…….(dial tone)

We survived the week and he went back to work. I’m not sure his finger will ever be straight again but he is no longer (as) helpless.

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  1. lmao about you and j’s convo , had to read it to stephen ………. too funny !!!!!!!!!!! ……… poor j !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heehee …….. love and hugs

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